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      Media Nipple was a daily video blog for critically considering TV content by contextualizing and analyzing absurdist production of cultural messages and meanings.  In each post a nipple pic was used in attempt to mock and marginalize the ubiquity of female breasts used to sell everything on television. 


This project was first published in June 2005 through Google’s Blogger application.  Over the course of 3 years, Media Nipple ultimately contained almost 600 daily posts with almost 2,500 individual videos garnering 600,000 page visits from viewers across the globe; a monumental effort for a solo blogger. 

      However, in September 2008, Google tagged Media Nipple with a CONTENT WARNING label.  Apparently Media Nipple’s content, after three years of public educational experimentation, had now somehow become too controversial to some viewers.  Rather than allow Google to interfere with accessibility, I ended the Media Nipple experiment, purchased the URL, and I am now re-hosting some of the content at this site.  Below is Cultural Farming’s aggregation of a few of Media Nipple’s most comprehensive posts... of the TV/media content we continue to suckle everyday.


      My aim was true.  Today in 2019, the scope of Cultural Farming remains steady.  And so I return for a 3rd iteration, to help enrich its fulsome purpose...one video at a time.